Erbaş: Nothing is a coincidence in İmralı

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  • 11:12 19 March 2021
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ANKARA - Lawyer Doğan Erbaş who visited Öcalan in İmralı many times said, "Nothing is a coincidence in İmralı. The allegations must be taken seriously and doors to İmralı must be opened at once and Öcalan must be seen in person."
Symbolizing an awakening, Newroz ic celebrated all around Turkey. The most crowded Newroz celebration was back in 2013 when the message of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan was read. More than 2 million people were gathered at the Newroz celebrations to listen to the message of Öcalan delivered by the İmralı Delegation.
During the solution process, messages of Öcalan was read at the Newroz Celebrations in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Öcalan said: "Our stance in the 2013 Newroz declaration is essential" when he was visited by his lawyers in 2019. Öcalan said, "A dignified peace and a democratic politics solution is essential for us. A door is being opened from armed resistance to democratic politics." While Öcalan reiterated his message of peace in the other two messages following the first one in 2013, which created a great hope for the people, he said that the solution process depended on the government."
Underlining that the dialogue process must be legally regulated in 2014 Newroz Celebrations, Öcalan said: "Peace is harder than war but all wars have a peace at the end. We were'nt afraid when we resisted and we won't be afraid when we'll make peace. I call on everyone who consider themselves responsible for their age and humanity to be the building block of our great peace."
Öcalan said the solution process that must be legally regulated must make progress in 2015 Newroz Celebrations and said: "On this basis, we are have a task of initiating a new process in the historical Dolmabahçe Palace on the basis of the 10-point declaration officially announced by all of us. I think that a congress must be organized in order to end the armed struggle of the PKK that has been going on for 40 years and determining new tactics for the new term. In this way, we will end the conflict and walk to a new future knitted with real peace and universal democracy criterias. Greeting such a stage in your presence is worthy of the history of Newroz."
With the end of the solution process, these messages of Öcalan that created hope for the people were left behind. While the aggravated isolation on Öcalan continued, insistance of clearing the air regarding the allegations about Öcalan continues as well.
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Party Assembly (PM) Member Lawyer Doğan Erbaş, who met Öcalan many times in İmralı, evaluated Öcalan's messages and the allegations made against Öcalan before Newroz. Emphasizing that everything should be taken into consideration when it comes to Imrali, Erbaş said: "Nothing is a coincidence in İmralı. We must always think that there is a reason for everything that happens there. Similar claims were made before. What lies behind all these concerning allegations is the isolation itself. These allegations will continue as long as the isolation continues."
"In the period between 2013-2015, we see that the government acted according to its own agenda rather than a solution. This approach is still going on. Therefore, we think that Mr. Öcalan's 2013 declaration may come to the fore again and should be updated while going to a new Newroz today. This is not a call to the government but a call to the peoples of Turkey. Everything that's going on shows that the government doesn't want peace nor preparing for a solution process. However, we will call on to the people of Turkey for a solution process this Newroz again. Mr. Öcalan does not gave any agenda other than a common and democratic life in Turkey. Everyone should know that the Kurdish issue has come to a certain level, the problem was understood and now it's time for a solution and the parameters and methods of it is presented in a comprehensive manner. This must be taken into consideration while evaluating the reality of Öcalan and İmralı. For this reason, even the smallest claim must be taken seriously and we should do all that in our power to ensure the attorneys of Öcalan and the family to go to İmralı and see him in person."

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