Günay: Öcalan has repeatedly stated that the place for solution is Parliament

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  • 15:53 24 September 2021
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ANKARA -  Clarifying the discussions on who the interlocutor will be regarding the solution of the Kurdish question, HDP Spokesperson Ebru Günay said, “The place for a democratic and peaceful solution is of course the parliament. This reality has been repeatedly expressed by Mr. Öcalan during the peace process.”
Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Spokesperson Ebru Günay made evaluations about the recent developments at the press conference she held at the party headquarters. 
Pointing to the HDP's declaration to be announced on September 27, Günay said, "September 27 will be a very important start for Turkey's democratic future. Our declaration will be a breath of fresh air to the society that has been suffocating, and will offer a new political perspective to the political institution that is blocked and far from finding a solution to the problems. We have been on the field for months, we came together with people from all walks of life. We discussed the results we obtained from the field and the data we obtained in our committees and reflected the intense discussions that have been going on for days in our attitude document.”
Reminding that Turkey is going through a critical turning point, Günay stated that Turkey can no longer handle the current conditions and it is being dragged into the abyss. The solution to social problems is no longer a choice, but a necessity. We find it important to discuss the solution and who the interlocutor would be in the Kurdish question, which has been opened up to discussion by the opposition wing recently.”
Mentioning the discussions on who the interlocutor would be in solving the Kurdish questin, Günay said: "As it can be understood from the recent debates, Turkey's biggest and most fundamental problem is the Kurdish question. The Kurdish question is basically Turkey's democracy problem. Turkey cannot be democratized without solving the Kurdish problem, and the Kurdish problem cannot be solved without democratizing Turkey. Our point of view and our route on this matter are clear.
We see some negative approaches that will condemn Turkey to a deadlock over the Kurdish question and the issue of who the interlocutor for solution would be. Here I would like to emphasize this clearly. The demands of the Kurdish people are clear, the addressees of the problem are clear, the solution is clear. Resolution discussions should be conducted seriously, by learning from the past, and without denying what has happened. We find it valuable that Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu started this discussion and the opposition's willingness to take the initiative for a solution. Turkey should conduct this discussion seriously and maturely, without denying what happened in the past, by deriving lessons from its mistakes and experiences.
Of course, the place for a democratic and peaceful solution is in the parliament. This reality has been repeatedly expressed by Mr. Öcalan during the peace process. He said that laws should be enacted and the process should be secured by the parliament, and all steps to be taken should be enacted. For Öcalan, the parliament was not only the address of this process, but also of making the peace process permanent. He also stated that not only the AKP, but also all parties in the Parliament, especially the CHP, should be included in the process.
This must be known clearly and precisely. HDP is a party of Turkey that has set itself a duty to solve the Kurdish problem, like all other problems of Turkey. HDP has the determination and will to solve Turkey's biggest problem, the Kurdish question, on a democratic basis.
However, anyone who has witnessed the last forty years of Turkey knows that this is a multidimensional, multi-layered and complex problem. An international problem that has already crossed the borders of Turkey and is no longer a regional one should be resolved by negotiating with all parties. There is no way to ignore the reality of Mr. Öcalan, who says, "I can solve the Kurdish question in a week". This is why discussing who the interlocutor would be is irrelevant. What needs to be discussed is how to build a democratic Turkey and how to ensure an honorable peace. In this respect, we are always ready to assume a constructive responsibility as the HDP. We hope that the solution and interlocutor discussions in the last days, which we value and attach great importance to, will open the door to a new era. We are hopeful in this regard and there is no other chance for a solution for Turkey's future." 

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