12:48 actual
3 politicians detained by the KDP, missing for 45 days!
11:15 editor's pick
Hunger strikes in prison enters day 240
11:14 editor's pick
Şenyaşar Family: Guardians of justice will always be there
11:04 actual
Autonomous Administration: Turkey violates Syria's independence
15:40 actual
HDP blames government for racist attack on Kurdish seasonal workers
15:33 actual
Racist attack against Kurdish family: 1 person died
13:55 actual
Şenyaşar Family: Let's put an end to this cruelty
12:21 actual
Kurdish family attacked in Ankara
15:46 actual
Border traders tortured at Iran- Turkey border
16:02 actual
Ömer Gergerlioğlu's parliamentary seat will be returned
13:10 actual
Are the guns buried in the lands belonging to rangers the ones lost during the coup attempt?
12:56 politics
Buldan warns HDP may not support opposition in next election again
14:25 actual
Fire in Besta grows with fire opened from military helicopter
14:25 actual
Boğaziçi University | Vice rector appointed as acting rector
14:24 actual
Boğaziçi University’s appointed rector Melih Bulu removed from office
14:05 actual
Şenayaşar family calls on possible witnesses to Urfa Courthouse
10:59 actual
TİHV: 4 out of 10 people are exposed to sexual torture
15:58 actual
People of Diyarbakır doesn't want Erdoğan while streets are under police blockade for his arrival
14:40 actual
'CPT does not want to be on the side of the solution'
15:20 actual
Rotating hunger strike in prisons enters day 223
15:19 actual
Dutch Parliament recognises ISIS massacre of Yazidis as genocide
15:18 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submit new application for a meeting with Öcalan
11:16 actual
Farm Bank’ founder Aydın referred to courthouse
11:15 actual
HDP’s Gergerlioğlu released 5 days after the Constitutional Court decision
15:10 actual
Şenyaşar Family: Brother of AKP Mp Yıldız threatens us with death
13:26 actual
Police attack sit in for Gergerlioğlu's release
12:53 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan applied for a meeting in İmralı
12:52 actual
45th group takes over the rotating hunger strike in prisons
15:39 actual
Şenyaşar family holding talks in Diyarbakır
14:29 actual
Alevi community to stand up with the HDP
12:28 actual
New application submitted by Öcalan's attorneys, family and guardian
11:32 actual
Second hearing of the helicopter case postponed
11:16 actual
Çelik: Cross-border operation is a continuation of the plan to annihilate Kurds
11:15 actual
Hunger strike action in prisons enters day 218
16:00 actual
Constitutional Court rules Gergerlioğlu's arrest is a violation
12:38 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submits new application to visit İmralı
11:49 actual
Şenyaşar Family: Justice is absolute, it will be established one day
11:29 actual
Second hearing of the Helicopter Case to be held tomorrow
10:46 actual
Hunger strike action in prisons enters day 217
10:29 actual
Turkey formally quits İstanbul Convention, preventing violence against women
13:10 actual
Emine Şenyaşar: We are being bullied by the government
12:38 actual
No news from politicians detained by the KDP
12:15 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submits new application to meet Öcalan
12:11 actual
44th group takes over the rotating hunger strike
12:10 actual
Çakır: Germany provokes the war against Kurds
10:58 actual
Öcalan's lawyers to Minister of Justice: Stand by your statements!
13:02 actual
Prosecutor of the Şenyaşar case changed for the 8th time
12:44 actual
Lawyers of Öcalan submits new application for a visit in İmralı
12:43 actual
Sirnak Governor and Duhok Governor held 4 meetings in 2 months: 38 villages were evacuated
12:01 actual
What happened so far in the Kobané Case?