Peace Delegation member Yıldırır not allowed in Héwler says KDP is in betrayal


ŞIRNAK - Peace Delegation member Ali Yıldırır who was deported at Héwler Airport, stated that the KDP is in betrayal against the Kurdish people.

The Peace Delegation, including foreign parliamentarians, who went to Hewler in order to prevent the military operation launched by Turkey on 23 April against  Metîna, Avaşîn and Zap areas in the Federated Kurdistan Region, was stopped at the airport and deported by KDP officials. A number of parliamentarians, senators, mayors and peace activists from different countries of the world went to Héwler after that and declared the establishment of 'Defend Kurdistan Initiative".
Kurdish politician Ali Yıldırır, one of the 150 members of the initiative evaluated Turkey's operation and KDP's role in it.
Stating that they went to the Federated Kurdistan Region to discuss the wrong policies of the KDP, Yıldırır said they were stopped by the Public Security Units (Asayish) the minute they landed in Héwler Airport. Underlining that they told that this attitude towards them was wrong and it didn't serve the unity of the Kurds, Yıldırır said they went on a hunger strike when the Asayish insisted on the attitude. Yıldırır told that their delegation was stonewalled because KDP's alliance with Turkey was exposed and it couldn't find an excuse to cover up this fact.
Yıldırır said: "How can they explain the evacuation of the villages in South Kurdistan, the killing of the people, the cutting of the trees? KDP is stonewalling the delegations because it can not explain all these. And Turkey plays a primary role in our ability to hold talks here. Stressing that they have been trying to prevent a war among Kurds for years, Yıldırır said: "Kurdish unity is a must."
Yıldırır said: "Kurds can only win their freedom if they unite. KDP's relationship with Turkey is unacceptable for the Kurds because Turkey wants to liquidate the Kurds and invade their lands. What KDP is doing can only be explained byt he word betrayal. It is unacceptable that the Barzani family sees their interest superior to the interests of Kurdistan. The alliance of KDP with Turkey aims to liquidate the PKK and the Kurdish Freedom Movement."
The KDP has turned its direction to the colonialist Turkish State and does not want to see the Kurdish sense of collectivity. It does not believe in the power of his own people, the Kurdish people and the other people living in Bashure Kurdistan, and acts in accordance with the directives of the colonialists instead of relying on their will. The attitude and behavior to be developed against this is also clear. We have to develop a situation in line with the attitude of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Kurdish People's Leader for more than 30 years. Because it has to be our sole duty to create Kurdish unity and prevent war.”
Warning that a possible conflict among Kurds will only help the enemies of the Kurds, Yıldırır noted that as Kurdish intellectuals, they will rely on dialogue until the end in order to fulfill their responsibilities. Emphasizing that the Kurds must not be played by Turkey, Yıldırır said: "Our aim is to never allow conflict and tension between Kurds and to insist on dialogue and solution. As a committee, we will continue our work, believing that the process will develop in a positive manner."
MA / Müjdat Can

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