Autonomous Administration: Turkey violates Syria's independence

NEWS CENTER - The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria condemned the visit of Turkish State Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu to occupied Afrin and Ezaz and said that the Turkish state wanted to include the occupied territories within its borders.
The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria issued a written statement regarding the visit of Turkish State Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu to Afrin and Ezaz.
The statement said: “The Turkish state continues to violate Syria's independence. During the Eid al-Adha, Turkish State Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu visited occupied Afrin and Ezaz. During this visit, Soylu examined many institutions opened in the occupied regions. The aim of these institutions is to change the demographic structure of the occupied territories. In this way, Turkey wants to annex these lands within the borders of the Turkish state.”
The statement added: “The Turkish state hangs Erdogan's posters on the streets of the region, uses the Turkish flag in all institutions, imposes the use of Turkish money, Turkish governors administer these districts. The Turkish state is trying to annex the regions it occupied despite international law, as part of its National Pact.
Violating all international laws, the Turkish state reopened part of the city of Varosha in Northern Cyprus. 50 years ago, the UN decided to keep Varosha closed. But Erdogan reopened part of it, violating all laws.”
The Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration condemned the visit of Minister Soylu and added: “We call on all forces and peoples who defend the unity of Syria to take a stand against the crimes committed by the Turkish state. The silence about these policies encourages Erdogan to occupy new places.
In order for the region to find peace, the occupation of the Turkish state and its mercenaries must end. The UN, Russia, the Government of Damascus and the International Coalition are responsible for these crimes. A stance should be taken against the inhuman and immoral attacks of the Turkish state.”

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