Record of Konya Police Chief Dinç: Hrant Dink murder, October 10 Massacre, Sontora murder and Konya Massacre


ANKARA - Konya Police Chief Engin Dinç, who knew beforehand that Hrant Dink would be killed when he was the head of the Trabzon Intelligence Department, was on duty in the Sontoro murder and sent the intelligence on the 10 October Massacre late, was appointed by Erdoğan shortly before the Kurdish family was murdered in Meram.

Konya Provincial Police Chief Engin Dinç's professional past full of massacres came to the fore once again after a Kurdish family of 7 people was killed in a racist attack in Meram District.
The Dedeoğulları family had been attacked by the same people before the massacre, and 10 of the 12 arrested were released one after the other. A "protection order" was given to 10 of the detainees.
Threats continued after the family was attacked on May 12, and the fact that the massacre took place in plain sight reminded us of the controversial Provincial Police Chief Dinç. Journalist Hrant Dink was killed and tried for murder while Dinç was the head of the Trabzon Intelligence Department.
Police Chief Dinç had drawn attention as the person who made Erhan Tuncel, one of the most important figures of the murder, an "informer". At the same time, Dinç was among the first to know that journalist Dink would be killed.
As a result of the Dink Case, Dinç was acquitted of "deliberately killing with negligent behavior", and dismissed from charges of "neglect of duty by a public official" and "misconduct of a public official" due to the statute of limitations. Although Dinç was the first person to know that it would be done, he was rewarded by the AKP and appointed to the Intelligence Department.
During Dinç's term as Trabzon Intelligence Branch Manager from August 26, 2004 to September 19, 2007, many incidents such as lynching attempts against TAYAD members, the bombing of McDonald's and the murder of Priest Santoro took place.
It was revealed in the Property Inspectors' report that the intelligence report obtained on October 8, 2015 on the 10 October Ankara Massacre of ISIS against the "Peace Rally" was sent to the Anti-Terror Branch Directorates on the morning of 10 October 2015 by the then Police Intelligence Department Head Dinç. This situation, after Dink's murder, once again caused the reactions that Dinç was "hiding intelligence".
Despite the fact that he kept the report, which even included the names of the ISIS murderers, on hold for 2 days, Dinç was not among the police officers whom he took his statement on suspicion of negligence by the Civil Inspectors in the October 10 Massacre.
Eskişehir Police Chief Engin Dinç was appointed to the Konya Provincial Police Department on 7 July by the decree of AKP Chairman Tayyip Erdoğan.

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