Özsoy: If the ECtHR decisions are not implemented, the discussions about expulsion from the EC will begin

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  • 14:03 22 September 2021
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ANKARA – HDP Foreign Relations Co-Spokesperson Hisyar Özsoy said that the EC Committee of Ministers, which gave Turkey time until September 30 regarding Demirtaş and Kavala, said they will not allow another Azerbaijan incident to occur. Özsoy said, “If Turkey insists not to release them, discussions about Turkey being expelled from the Council will begin.”

On September 17, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (EC) announced its decisions regarding the former Co-Chair of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Selahattin Demirtaş and businessperson Osman Kavala, who were not released despite the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Grand Chamber.
The Committee, which gave Turkey time until September 30 for Demirtaş, whose conviction decisions were reversed and his release was requested, noted that if Kavala is not released until the meeting on 30 November-2 December, the intention to initiate legal proceedings against Turkey will be formally notified.
While wondering what kind of path Turkey will follow, which has not yet announced regarding the ECtHR decision, it will be clarified at the meeting to be held on 30 November-2 December whether the EC Committee of Ministers will resort to sanctions or not.
We spoke to HDP Foreign Relations Commission Co-Spokesperson Hişyar Özsoy, who attended the meeting of the EC Parliamentary Assembly on September 13, about the final decision and contacts of the EC Committee of Ministers.
Reminding that it has been 10 months since the ECtHR Grand Chamber's decision on Demirtaş, Özsoy stated that the Turkish government has not yet given any information on whether the decision will be implemented or not.
Stating that if the government insists on not implementing the ECtHR decision the EC Committee of Ministers can put some mechanisms into effect, Özsoy said, "The issue of removing Turkey from the Council of Europe membership will come to the agenda. However, there is still no clear position yet. The Committee expressed its displeasure against Turkey's failure to disclose its roadmap. If not released by November 30-December 2, the Committee asks its secretariat to draft an interim resolution. It is likely that now a roadmap towards sanctions will be gradually built."
Expressing that Turkey is trying to extend the time period in order not to implement the ECtHR decision, Özsoy said, “You remember, there was the Ilgar Mammadov decision taken by the ECHR. The committee tried for 3 years to enforce the decision on Azerbaijan. The decision was not implemented until the discussions on the expulsion of Azerbaijan from the Council of Europe began. Turkey is also trying to prolong the process."
Sharing that they held a series of meetings with the EC Secretary General, the Human Rights Commissioner, the political parties in Europe and the President of the EC Parliament, Özsoy noted that they were informed that the implementation process of the decision would be followed closely and insistantly so that it doesn't turn into the Azerbaijan case.
Emphasizing that the Demirtaş and Kavala cases have now become the two most important decisions of the Council of Europe, Özsoy said: “Until the Demirtaş and Kavala decision is implemented, the Committee of Ministers, which meets every 3 months, will have an automatic agenda. When such a process is entered, a call will be made for a meeting, and a second one,  and then serious discussions will start regarding sanctions against Turkey. The Committee of Ministers has the power to initiate the process of removing a country from the Council. In addition, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has the authority to initiate the process of removing a country from the council. Insisting on the non-implementation of the decisions will cause great debates in the PACE. If no results are received by autumn, serious discussions about Turkey will begin in the January sessions.”
HDP's Özsoy stated that the non-implementation of the Kavala and Demirtaş decision also caused discussions within the European Council. Özsoy said, "The council will realize if they do not get Turkey to implement the decision, someday Hungary or Poland might resist to the decisions.
Therefore, Turkey does not only poison the political and social climate in its own country but other countries too. There are three principles on which the Council of Europe is founded. It is the principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Therefore, countries like Turkey, by not implementing the ECtHR decision, are also resisting against these principles."
Özsoy, who also shared the contacts they made in Europe, stated that there was a serious sensitivity against the closure case against their party. Stating that this situation is perceived as an intervention to political pluralism in the international arena, Özsoy added: “The issue is not just the closure of a political party. There is a logic that does not accept a coup against the political majority at a time when the democratic culture in Turkey has already weakened and the unlawfully appointing trustees to replace elected mayors has been thoroughly developed, and centralism is now peaking. The HDP represents political pluralism in Turkey and the differences it embodies are different from other parties, and the closure of HDP is seen as a serious loss for Turkish democracy, as the Kurdish issue deepens and its solution becomes more difficult. We are receiving serious support from the European community, which sees the HDP's central role in Turkey's political future."
Expressing that they frequently inform the international arena about the laws enacted in Turkey and the anti-democratic practices, apart from the Kobanê Case and the closure case against the HDP, Özsoy said, “We are in a diplomatic mobilization against the closure process. How much it will affect the outcome is another matter, but we are trying to convey the HDP idea to the international community regarding what it is, what its politicies are, why it is threatened so much, why it is subjected to so much pressure from the state and the government."
Özsoy also stated that they requested the Turkey rapporteur to personally come and conduct an investigation against the closure of their party during their last visit, and it was accepted.
Adding that they expect a visit from the Turkey rapporteur before the end of this year, Özsoy said, “Besides, you may remember that the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe prepared a report last year. For trustees appointed unlawfully to municipalities. They will also visit Turkey in the near future. They will go to Kurdistan and meet with our mayors. They will update their own reports. These are the agendas that we follow constantly.”
Stating that his diplomatic contacts with the international arena will continue, Özsoy shared the information that they will make a series of visits in the coming days. Expressing that they will visit 10 countries within the scope of diplomatic studies, Özsoy stated that some of the visits will include HDP Co-Chairs.
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