People of Van says solution is not possible without Öcalan

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  • 11:09 24 September 2021
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VAN - Stating that CHP has to take action regarding the Kurdish question, people of Van said both the parliament and Öcalan must be involved in the solution process.

The Kurdish question started to be discussed again with the statement of the Republican People's Party (CHP) Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu who said the Kurdish question could be solved with the HDP. The focus of the discussion was the interlocutor. We extended our microphone to the people in the streets of Van regarding the issue that politicians continue to discuss.
Reşat Saki who stated that he approahes the statement of the CHP with caution, told that CHP, AKP and MHP have made promises to the Kurds before elections but never kept their promises. Stating that the Kurds have been oppressed and persecuted through out their history, Saki said: "How are we brothers and sisters? They are only talking. This is politics. They just want the votes of the Kurds. So far they arrested every Kurd  who got involved in politics. What did Selahattin Demirtaş do? What did the mayors do? What did they do wrong? Everyone must be equal in this country. But it seems to be hard with this system."
Stating that the statements of Kılıçdaroğlu is positive but not enough, Abdurrahman Akşak said: "CHP promises to solve the Kurdish question. It is not enough. They have to announce their solution on how to solve the Kurdish question. This must be discussed at the parliament and solved in the parliament. The talks to be held with Öcalan is different. When the solution process comes to a certain point, Öcalan will naturally be involved."
Underlining that he does not totally trust the statements of the CHP, Osman Ağırtaş said: "CHP looks a bit better than the AKP. People know very well how to solve this issue. I will continue to be behind my will and my vote."
Underlining that he does not trust the statements of the CHP, Yaşar Metin reminded CHP's approach towards the Kurds during the establishment of the republic. Pointing out that this is the foundation CHP rised upon, Metin told that CHP has to give assurances. Metin said: "AKP and MHP wants to annihilate Kurds. Our approach to CHP depends on the steps they will take. We don't mind who says what, we want to see what they will do. I think Kılıçdaroğlu made that statement for his own benefit. Remember how Erdoğan came to power. He said he would solve the Kurdish question. But he never wanted to solve this problem, on the contrary, he caused more pain than anyone. For this reason, we believe that the problem should be resolved in Parliament with our party HDP. Of course, the problem will be resolved in the Parliament, but it cannot be solved without Öcalan. Öcalan has been trying to solve the Kurdish question for the last 40 years. Therefore, it must be in this process. Both the parliament and Öcalan should be in this process. But it should be noted that the Kurds must take a very firm step.”
Emphasizing the importance of the unity of the people, Mehmet Koç said: "They have to stop killing and arresting us. We don't believe that this could happen though. The solution to the Kurdish question lies with the people of Turkey and Kurdistan. They have to stop marginalizing Kurds."
MA / Dindar Karataş - Cemil Uğur 

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