Conspiracy in its 23rd year: Öcalan frustrated all political interventions

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  • 11:21 9 October 2021
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NEWS CENTER - DBP Co-Chair Keskin Bayındır stated that the conspiracy was aimed at breaking the will of the Kurds and said that Öcalan frustrated all political interventions against him.
PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan was extradited from Syria on October 9, 1998 with an international conspiracy and handed over to Turkey on February 15, 1999. Öcalan, whom the global powers are planning to "destroy", has been held in Imrali F Type Prison for 23 years under severe isolation conditions. Öcalan, who analyzed the causes and consequences of the conspiracy during his 23 years in Imrali Island Prison, said that international forces were targeting peace in the Middle East and that Turkey was given the role of a "watchman". Stating that they wanted to prevent Turkish-Kurdish peace with conspiracy, Öcalan's efforts for peace was responded to by deepening the isolation.
This situation continues by preventing Öcalan's family and lawyer from visiting Öcalan. As a result, Öcalan is not allowed to meet with his family and lawyers despite the applications. The aggravated isolation against Öcalan also deepens the deadlock and war on the Kurdish question.
On its 23rd anniversary, Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Co-Chair Keskin Bayındır evaluated the aims and consequences of the conspiracy, the isolation against Öcalan, and the discussions on the Kurdish question, which has been on the political agenda recently.
Stating that the international forces aimed to realize their historical strategic goals with the conspiracy against Öcalan, Bayındır said, “Through the conspiracy against Öcalan, the political and social organization of the Kurdish people was targeted. It is necessary to see the international conspiracy as a form of political intervention that can determine the century-long future of the Kurdish people as a whole. It was a political operation aimed at breaking the will of the resisting Kurds.”
Stating that Öcalan had frustrated the conspiracy in the 23 years he was held in Imrali, Bayındır said, “When we look at the organized structure of the Kurdish people, it has come to a position that is much more magnificent than it was back in 1999, much bigger, that can affect not only Kurdistan, but also the Middle East and world politics. Therefore, the disintegrating Kurdish existence, not the Kurdish consciousness, but a growing and developing Kurdish reality, which spreads its influence, authority and existence in every sense, to the social sphere, came to the fore. Of course, while Mr. Öcalan's democratic solutions to the political crisis of the Middle East in intellectual, philosophical, ideological and historical sense, against the conspiracy, he raised the Kurdish people to a level of consciousness, while at the same time he offered solutions to the main crisis of the last 200 years in the Middle East."
Stating that Öcalan's thoughts, paradigm he created and the solution proposals have gained a great influence in the Middle East, Bayındır said, "Now the solutions of nation states and the forms of military intervention do not bring solutions to the problems in the Middle East in any way. On the contrary, the solution perspectives brought by Mr. Öcalan were increasingly accepted by the societies. As a result, Mr. Öcalan's ideas have become the main focus of reference in the Middle East.”
Bayındır said that with Öcalan's isolation in Imrali for 23 years, the Kurds' organized struggle is targeted to be dispersed, and that the attacks against Kurds are carried out over Imrali. Emphasizing that İmralı is a laboratory, Bayındır said, “Mr. Öcalan has frustrated all the political interventions that were intended to be carried out through him. There is a reality that has been resisting uninterruptedly for 23 years, developing solutions. Öcalan's resistance has brought the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East to a very important position in the political arena.
Stating that the AKP-MHP has developed an intense attack  with the aim of completing the international conspiracy, Bayındır said: “The Kurdish people, the democratic forces of Turkey and the democratic peoples of the Middle East have set the goal of freedom for Mr. Öcalan against the conspiracy system. This idea is in a fierce struggle in every aspect. Today, when we consider Turkey's politics and social structure as a whole, this reality constitutes the source of the whole issue. In other words, there is a war to complete the international conspiracy led by the AKP-MHP, while the Kurdish people, their friends and Turkish democracy forces demand the freedom of Mr. Öcalan.
MA / Özgür Paksoy

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