HDP: HDP: Free life option for Turkey held in captivity in Imrali

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  • 12:47 9 October 2021
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ANKARA - Making a call to the people for supporting the will to freedom expressed by PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, the HDP said, "Peace and a possibility for a free life  for Turkey is being held in captivity in İmralı."

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Central Executive Board (MYK) made a written statement regarding the 23rd anniversary of the international conspiracy launched on October 9, 1998 by international forces and regional countries against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan.
Emphasizing that the process that started with the extradition of Öcalan from Syria, has revealed important social and political developments both in Turkey and in the Middle East today in terms of its impact and consequences, the statement said, “Even though the October 9 plot was brought to life in 1998, the plan behind it show thar there is regional and international consensus in the plan that resulted in the century-old deadlock of the Kurdish question and the deprivation of the Kurds of their basic rights as a people. The powers that drew the borders of the sovereign states in the Middle East a century ago, started an intervention against Öcalan, who is the architect of the idea that can give hope to the peoples a century later.
In the statement, which underlines Öcalan's idea, based on the common struggle and liberation of the peoples in the Democratic Middle East, it was also defined as the beginning of a major intervention towards the common future of the peoples of the Middle East. With the conspiracy, the common future of the country was targeted, and a civil war was tried to be ignited by bringing the Kurdish and Turkish people against each other. On the other hand, Mr. Öcalan, with his stance in Imrali and the democratic solution paradigm he developed, frustrated this dirty and dangerous attempt and demonstrated that the peoples of Turkey can get rid of this trap and vortex of uncertainty through peace, democracy and dialogue."
The rest of the statement is as follows: "The ongoing process, which started on October 9, 1998 and continued on February 15, 1999, with Mr. Öcalan's captivity in İmralı, was going to enable social peace and a democratic solution to the Kurdish problem in Turkey over the past 23 years. Each time, this opportunity was obliterated by petty political calculations. Mr. Öcalan's democratic and peaceful calls were responded to with distraction, liquidation, collapse and aggravated isolation. It was not only Öcalan who was imprisoned in Imrali, but also Turkey's social peace and the free life option of peoples in his person. Breaking the aggravated isolation and blockade against Mr. Öcalan in Imrali, will also break the chain of fascism that surrounds the peoples of Turkey. We condemn once again the October 9 Conspiracy, which is now in its 23rd year, and call on all people with conscience and responsibility, who are concerned about democracy and peace, to embrace the will for peace, democracy and freedom expressed by Mr. Öcalan, in order to break the isolation in Imrali. It is the peace and a possibility of the free life of the people of Turkey held in captivity in Imrali."

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