Fatma Öcalan: We want to meet with my brother

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  • 12:22 11 October 2021
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URFA - Fatma Öcalan, sister of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan who hasn't seen her brother for the last 7 years told she wants to meet with her brother and asked, "Everyone has the right to visit their relatives in prison, why don't we?"
Forced to leave Syria on October 9, 1998 by an international conspiracy and handed over to Turkey on February 15, 1999, PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan has been under aggravated isolation in Imrali High Security Type F Prison for 22 years. Öcalan, who was prevented from meeting with his family and lawyers, could only meet with his lawyers 422 times in 22 years. Although he has the right to make phone calls like every prisoner, Öcalan has only been granted this right once in 22 years. After the last phone call that was interrupted on 25 March, no one has ever heard from Öcalan since then.
Fatma Öcalan, sister of Abdullah Öcalan who lives in the Amara Neighborhood of Halfeti, told that she was not able to get in touch with his brother sisnce October 6, 2014. Stating that she was only able to see his brother three times in 22 years, told that she will go to İmralı Island in her wheelchair to see her brother.
Stating that his brother was living outside of the city due to his education while he was a child and during his teen years, Öcalan said: "He didn't live with us that long. He was always in another city. He helped us when he came back home. We used to work in the field. He used to read us when we didn't have work to do. He used to lay his head on his book and sleep when he was tired. We had a good relationship. We didn't have the chance to play much but we worked together a lot."
Underlining that most of the children in Amara did not know how to read and write back the, Öcalan said: "My father used to say that girls going to school was wrong. He stood up to my father and told that no matter it is a girl or a boy everyone must go to school. He used to tutor kids when he came back home in the summer. Most of the children in the village learnd how to read and write from him. Those children went to university thanks to him. He was very successful in primary school. My father once went to his school to speak to his teachers about him. His teacher said, "Your son teaches me. He is very smart. You don't need to ask about him."
Underlining that she could not see his brother much after he founded the PKK, Öcalan said: "We couldn't eat for two days when he was arrested in 1999. I only saw him three times in 22 years. My father and mother died without being able to see him one more time. My mother asked for a dress from my brother. I reminded him of his promise when I saw him in prison. He said, "I could not find a way to send her the dress. I would have sent it if I could." He always asked about the people in our village and underlined that unity of the people of the village is very important."
Pointing out that she wasn't able to see his brother since 2014 and could not get any news from him until the phonecall the made on March 25. Öcalan said: "I feel more and more sick everytime I am reminded of his situation. Everyone has the right to see and speak to their relatives in prisons, why can't we? We just want to see him. We want him out of İmralı Island."
Underlining that everyone in prison has rights, Öcalan said: "Every prisoner has rights. There are regulations about prisoners. Only my brother is deprived of these rights and special laws are enacted for him. He is doing his best to find a solution, but no one takes the hand he extends.
Pointing out that she is no longer able to walk due to her illnesses, Öcalan said: "I can go there with my wheelchair and see him if they allow me. The only thing I want most in this life is to see him back in our village again. He spoke about our village everytime I saw him. If I see him in our village I believe I will get better and I will be able to walk again."
Mentioning her brother's birthday on April 4, Öcalan said: "It used to be like a festival here in his birthday before the state banned celebrating his birthday. We used to live with Armenians, Kurds, Turkmens, all together in peace. My brother defended everyone's rights, regardless of their identity. An injustice is being done, everyone should defend his rights.”
Referring to the Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's statement about the Kurdish question, whether it should be solved with the help of the HDP in the parliament or the interlocutor was Abdullah Öcalan, Fatma Öcalan said: "He worked for peace all his life and he always pointed to the parliament for a solution. He always said his heart broke for every young person that died regardless of their identity. There was peace when he was allowed to speak. No one died during those days. Peace will come again if he is allowed to speak. In order to have peace, the isolation in İmralı must end."
MA / Emrullah Acar - Ferhat Çelik

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