Ömer: No results will be obtained from Syria Constitution Committee meeting

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  • 11:03 19 October 2021
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QAMİŞLO - Stating that they will defend the revolution based on social diplomacy, Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Foreign Relations Commission Co-chair Ebdulkerim Ömer said that the meeting of the Constitutional Committee, in which the Syrians were not a part of, would not yield any results.

As the mobility in the region increased after Turkey's threats against Northern and Eastern Syria, Geir Pedersen, the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, announced that the Syrian Constitutional Committee agreed to start the process of preparing a new constitution. Considering the previous attempts of the UN, it is stated that the constitutional negotiations, which proceeded on an unsuccessful basis, will not yield results this time as well. Speaking to the Mezopotamya Agency (MA), Ebdulkerim Ömer, Co-Chair of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Foreign Relations Commission, said that the negotiations on the new constitution would be inconclusive.
Evaluating the threats against AKP Chair Tayyip Erdoğan, Ömer said that they take these threats seriously. Expressing that they are worried about an internationally renegotiated agreement against them, Ömer reminded the meeting between Russia and Turkey in Sochi. Stating that there are new negotiations for Northern and Eastern Syria, Ömer said, “The possibility of a new intervention by Erdoğan will create a humanitarian crisis along with the war. Just as they did to Afrin, they can do it in these regions as well. The war at that time took place as a result of agreements between Russia and Turkey. This situation destroyed the stability in the region and deepened the problem in Syria. It also provided a basis for the revival of ISIS terrorism."
Expressing that they shared this situation with the international powers that visited them, Ömer noted that they reminded all the forces in Syria of their responsibilities there and drew attention to the role they assumed. Ömer underlined that these forces should not remain silent and take a stand against Turkey's threats.
Expressing that every actor in Syria is acting around its own gains, Ömer reminded the attacks carried out against their region are the results of the agreements made behind the scenes. Noting that Russia allowed Turkey to enter Afrin in exchange for the south of Ghouta, Kalamun and Damascus, Ömer said, “Again, the USA did the same thing. With a tweet, Trump allowed Turkey to enter Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi. We know such dirty games. We are in communication and relationship with everyone in this regard. We also determined how the revolution should be defended. Social diplomacy will be based on in that regard."
Speaking about the statements of the UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, Ömer described Pedersen's statement as "a very realistic and baseless statement". Emphasizing that no agreement has been made, Ömer said, “The 6th round of the Syrian Constitutional Committee is being held. The outcome of this meeting will be the same as the outcome of other meetings. There are many reasons for this. First; The constitutions are not prepared that way. First of all, a committee agreement had to be made between the parties and sections in Syria. It was essential for everyone, from political parties to non-governmental organizations, to reach a consensus on the future of Syria. What will be the situation of Syria, will it be a republic or a parliamentary system, a centralized or decentralized system? In this sense, there should be an agreement that could appeal to all segments. These are the basis. What is being prepared right now is not a constitution draft."
Stating that this committee was formed by Russia, Turkey and Iran, Ömer noted that these forces, called the Astana group, are trying to prepare the constitution in order to serve their own gains and policies. Ömer also stated that actors such as Russia and Iran play a major role in deepening the Syrian crisis and that it is not possible for these actors to solve the problem.
Stating that there is no one representing neither the Kurdish nor the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration in the committee that is currently holding talks, Ömer stated that they will not accept a constitution that they are not a partner in, and emphasized that the new constitution to be prepared without representing the whole population will not yield any results.
MA / Nazım Daştan

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