Salaz: Turkey found representation in Baghdad Assembly via KDP

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  • 12:54 19 October 2021
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NEWS CENTER -  Journalist Necmettin Salaz, who stated that Turkey was represented through the KDP and Turkmens in the Iraqi elections, said that this situation is dangerous for the Kurds.
The repercussions and effects of the parliamentary elections held in Iraq on October 10 continue. According to the official results which the turnout remained 41 percent, announced by the Iraqi Independent High Election Commission; the Iraqi Parliament which consists of 329 seats consists of 73 parliamentarians from Sadr Movement, 37 parliamentarians from State of Law Coalition, 32 parliamentarians from Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), 17 parliamentarians from Conquest Coalition, 16 parliamentarians from Kurdistan Patriotic Union (PYNK)-Goran Movement (Kurdistan Alliance, 14 parliamentarians from Ezim, 9 parliamentarians from İmtidad, 9 parliamentarians from New Generation Movement and 40 independent parliamentarians.
As a result of the election, no party could reach the sufficient number of seats to form a government in Iraq, and intense negotiations are expected for the coalition government in the coming days. Many parties and movements objected to the election results. Discussions about the legitimacy of the low turnout election also continue. 
Evaluating the results of the Iraqi Parliament elections, experienced journalist Necmettin Salaz said that the emerging picture would not bring stability to Iraq and the Federated Kurdistan Region.
Stating that the most striking issue in the Iraqi elections was the boycott of the elections, Salaz drew attention to the fact that in some regions, up to 80 percent of the people did not participate in the elections. Noting that the boycott of the elections is an indication that there is no trust to the elections, Salaz stated that every government that comes to power comes to power with big promises but none kept their promises.
Underlining that all parties and coalitions that entered the elections lost votes, Salaz said, “While the pro-Iranians in general suffered serious losses in Iraq, the pro-Americans seem to have strengthened. If they form a government this term, it seems likely that whatever America orders will be done." Reminding that in the Federated Kurdistan Region, the KDP received 724 thousand votes in the previous elections, in the last election, it could only get 420 thousand votes, Salaz said: “According to these statistics, the number of deputies should have decreased, but the KDP received 4 more deputies. How does that happen? This is actually what AKP had done."
Expressing that the Sadr Movement is expected to establish a close relationship with the KDP in order to form a government in Iraq, Salaz said, “The KDP will go to the Baghdad parliament with 32 deputies. The New Generation is going with 9 deputies. All 4 deputies are from the Islamist party. In other words, Sadr can get the support of 45 deputies from Kurdistan. If he takes another small group with him, he can take office again. But this does not change anything. There is a serious debt left over from the war. The Iraqi economy shrank 50 times after Saddam Hussein. Those in power have little to do. Because there are many problems. You see, very bad days are ahead of this region. When the public's complete trust is gone, there is a possibility that existing groups will enter into a conflict."
Expressing that Turkey was able to find representation in the Baghdad Assembly through the KDP and Turkmens, Salaz said KDP and Turkmens will speak on behalf of Turkey from time to time. Warning that this situation is very dangerous for Arabs and Kurds, Salaz said, "There is an agreement between the Arabs and the Kurds. The Prime Minister is from the Shiites, and the President is elected from the Kurds. The Presidency of the Parliament is elected among the Sunnis. This time Turkey will not approve a president from the PUK. Instead it will want the President to be from the KDP or the Sunnis who are in line with Turkey's interests."
Pointing out that Shengal is one of the places where the most striking results were seen in the elections in the Federated Kurdistan Region, Salaz said that Shengal is a mirror of the elections. Reminding that the KDP wanted to enter the region with armed forces before the election and the people from the age 7 to 70 stood up against it, Salaz said that it was extremely anomalous for the KDP to gain for seats in Shengal.  Stating that 75,000 people could not vote in Shengal as a result of the breakdown of electronic devices on the election day and that those who could vote were not the ones who would vote for the KDP, Salaz said, "How can a structure that people hate get 4 seats in the parliament? Is there any logic to this? The votes cast by Yazidis living in camps in the KDP region have also disappeared, but on paper it seems to have been given to the KDP."
Salaz said: "Kurdish people stays silence when they are hungry, thirsty or hurting. But one day they will be at the end of their rope and you can't stop it. It happened before and everybody knows how it gets."
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