Pregnant women removed from hospital, slaughtered by Turkish forces

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  • 11:53 23 October 2021
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HABER MERKEZİ - E.M, relative of Nemet Behcet Şexo who was slaughtered in Afrin while she was pregnant told that she was in the hospital for a check up due to her pregnancy and she was removed from the hospital by Turkish forces and slaughtered there.
Rape, abduction and murder of women takes place in the Afrin Canton of Northern and Eastern Syria, which Turkey and the groups it supports took control of in 2018. In the last two months, 219 people, mostly women, have been kidnapped in Afrin. On October 11, 32-year-old Nemet Behcet Şexo, who was 6 months pregnant, was murdered along with her baby. Afrin Human Rights Organization announced the murder of Nemet Behcet Shexo. The organization noted that Nemet Behcet Şexo was murdered by forces affiliated with Turkey after the explosion in Kawa Dörtyolu, who claimed that she had "come to blow herself up".
Speaking to NuJINHA, E.M., a relative of Nemet Behcet Shexo, who did not want to disclose their name due to security reasons, drew attention to the danger faced by women in Afrin and called for awareness. 
Nemet Behcet Shexo's relative, from Afrin, stated that on the day of the explosion on October 11, Behcet Shexo was pregnant and therefore went to the hospital for a check-up. E.M. said: “Nemet and her husband set out for the Qmber Hospital in the center of Afrin. When they reached the city centre, there was an explosion. However, they continued to go towards the hospital. When they reached the hospital, the gangs saw her belly and said, 'You came to blow yourself up'. Although Nemet tried to explain that she was pregnant and that her belly was growing because of this, they did not believe her. Instead of taking her to the doctor and finding out if she was pregnant, they took her out of the hospital and inflicted violence on her. Then they killed the baby in her belly by kicking her in the stomach. Her 36-year-old husband, Xelil Neisan, who was trying to save her was also tortured and beaten. There were two other relatives with them, and they intervened. However, the gangs attacked them harshly as well. As a result of this attack, Nemet, who had been married for 4 years and was 6 months pregnant, was murdered. Nemet's husband is also unable to stand up because of the death of his wife and child and the violence he suffered."
Drawing attention to the crimes committed in Afrin, E.M said that the organs of the patients who came to the hospital were stolen. E.M. said, “I want the whole world to hear my voice and see what is going on in Afrin. I also want everyone to stand up for Afrin and raise their voices. What did this pregnant woman do to be murdered? The people are tired. End the brutality. How long will they remain silent?

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