Apê Musa's 'Little Generals' on the silver screen

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  • 10:05 25 October 2021
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DİYARBAKIR - Director Metin Ewr, who made the short film of Apê Musa's "Little Generals", stated that the film describes the "cycle of resistance" of free press workers against oppression.

Director Metin Ewr from the Middle East Cinema Academy Association shot the film of the newspaper distributors described as the "Little Generals" of the Kurdish intelectual Apê Musa (Musa Anter). In the short film "Çerx (Wheel)", the pressures experienced by newspaper distributors in the 1990s are described. The film is expected to meet the audience at some festivals in the upcoming days. Afterwards, the film is aimed to be released on various platforms.
Answering to the questions about the film, director Metin Ewr pointed out that Kurdish journalists pay a great price to inform the public. Ewr said, "Where there is oppression and occupation, there is resistance," and added that in the 90s, especially those who distributed newspaper, had a serious effort in conveying the facts to the society. Stating that he also worked for Azadiya Welat newspaper in the 2000s, Ewr said, "Maybe it wasn't like the 90s, but the pressures were the same. Again, our distributors were kidnapped, threatened, detained, arrested. This situation has not changed today. Today, dozens of newspaper and agency employees are being kidnapped or detained."
Saying that he wrote the script of the movie "Çerx" 4 years ago, Ewr noted that he considered it to be a "debt" to make this film. Ewr said, "You do not forget the things you paid a heavy price for. As the newspaper headline says: Facts do not remain in the dark. We have to reveal this truth in another way. I do cinematic and visual works." Ewr also explained why he named the movie "Cherx" with these words: “Because the wheel never stops. It spins constantly. For years, there have been obstacles, arrests, punishments, threats, bombings. But it still continues. It continues with a strong will. Secondly, there are too many wheels in the movie. When the newspaper is printed, it goes through a wheel. The delivery boy is doing his job with the tray, he has a wheel too. Someone else wants to fix the bike, it has a wheel too. In other words, we give the message that this wheel continue to spin."
Ewr said that they brought the film to some international festivals. Stating that they received positive feedback, Ewr said, "We received positive feedback from the Kurdish Film Festivals in Paris, Nigeria, America and Hamburg. The application process is going well. We will share the film with the public when the festivals are over. The obstacles and pressures in front of the free press continue, the situation has not changed. But the resistance against the ongoing occupation and oppression will continue. This is a cycle of resistance and it will never stop."
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